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Seiglu Bátur til Noregs

                                              VardQyfisk 2  F-165-V ©Myndir Sanders Seigla

 Bátasmiðjan Seigla Ehf Á Akureyri afhenti þennan bát til Noregs skömmu fyrir jól og hef ég loksins fengið
myndir og lýsingu á Bátnum frá þeim og kemur hún hér að neðan  

S-67 Vardøyfisk II

A new boat is delivered by Seigla Ehf. The boat has been delivered to Øystein Enoksen from Vardø in Norway on the 26th of November 2009. It is the fourth 13 meter boat from Seigla delivered to Norway this year.  

The specifications of the boat are:

Length: 12,95 meter
Width: 4,59 meter
Depth: 1,4 meter
Engine: Yanmar 6AYM-GTE 829 Hp at 1900 rpm
Gear: ZF-500IV with ratio 1,97:1
Shaft & propell: Duncan fixed propeller
Fish hold: 26 m3
Fuel tank: ca 3600 ltr
Water tank: 200 ltr

Standard with all larger Seigur boats:
- HMI (Human machine interface)
- GRP sandwich PVC construction. Made by VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding)
- Drop keel  (Nor-Fishing innovation prize winner of 2008)
- Integrated windows in the construction

The GRP sandwich PVC construction advantages of VARTM are: It isolated, noise reducing, strong as steel, 3x lighter as steel.  More details about GRP sandwich PVC construction can be found on our website http://www.seigla.is/en/page/vartm_1

The engine will have an Europafilter installed for oil and diesel cleaning, this reduces the number of times to change the oil significant.

Electronic system
A Kohler 6,5 Kw generator is installed for extra power supply together with the ASC system (Automatic start control)  and the Studer HP-Compact 4400-24 4 Kw inverter/charger the power supply is guaranteed. 
About the ASC system:
It has four modes:

1                    Auto select
2                    Manually select 230V from the inverter
3                    Manually select 230V from Generator set
4                    Manually select 230V from Shore connection

With the selector on auto, the system will monitor the consumer batteries and automatically start the 230 V Generator set when needed, then after a few sec. it will connect the Gen-set to the power distribution and the Inverter/charger will charge the batteries. 

On the engine there are 2 hydraulic pumps installed, 1x 147 ltr and 1x 75 ltr, both from Danfoss Sauer, the control block is for 8 users, with a 300 ltr tank with cooling. Everything connected with stainless steel pipes

Shortly the HMI is offering features like:
Quick-menu in the touch screen, programmable according to customers needs.
Control over the complete alarm system
Control over the heating and Wipers with up to 60 sec time delay.
Control of the drop keel
Control of the lights
Control of the navigation lights
Control of the Hydraulics
Control of the pumps

The heating is provided through floor heating in the cabin and wheelhouse. When the main engine is not running, the Eberspächer 10 Kw takes over this job. In addition to this there are 4 airblowers outlets 1 in the wheel house, 1 in the toilett room and 2 in the cabin. When the boat is connected to a land connection, the two 2 Kw heaters are providing the heat in the cabin and in the engine room.

Various equipment
Sleipner SH300 bowthruster
Heavy duty trimflaps
Libra weathertight doors
6 persons Viking life raft 
5x Rule 3000 pump
Fire extinghuisher system from Securitas

Navigation equipment
Delivered by Seigla Ehf and installed by Rafröst.  The boats shows here how spacious it is, all equipment is installed neatly in the dashboard and beside the captain.

3 screens in the dashboard, 1x 17" and 2x 19"
                - 19" for Furuno M-1934 Radar
                - 17" for camera controll
                - 19" for Olex plotter
Furuno SC-50 GPS/Compass in the dashboard

1x Sailor VHF with DSC
Furuno FA-150 AIS-A system
Furuno GPS GP-320
Simrad AP50 autopilot
Simrad QS50 joystick
Simrad RF300 and RI35 rudder indicator
Simrad FU50 Follow-up steering
Matre pilot guard PG-1 with movement sensor

On the deck there is a complete steering control console mounted on the roof with the possibility to take it down.

Beside the navigation equipment there are 2 chairs with suspension unit from Recaro maritime supplied by Brødr. Hukkelberg with controls mounted in the armrest.
There is a U-bench for ca 6 persons with a table with refridgerator.

There is accommodation for 4 people, 2 in the front and 2 under the wheelhouse, 1 bench and a table.
The spacious galley has four electrical cooking plates, so no open fire. A microwave/stove combination and a ventilator above this. A sink with warm and cold water. Further 1 refridgerator.

Fishing equipment
The boat is multi functional and can be used for net, line and crab fishing. The net compartments can easialy be installed and removed. The wall on the back can be adjusted in height. The fish hold is prepared for life fish/crabs, when containers are used the middle wall can be partly removed so it is easy to move the containers.

The stability of the boat is approved for bankfiske 1 and 2.

For more information, please contact us.

Seigla Ehf
Goðanes 12
603 Akureyri, Iceland
Tlf: +354 551 2809

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